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Open full screen to view more. TransAmerica BicycleAug 19, 2014  When I first set out on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, I was doing it to say Id done it. Thats why I wouldnt look at the map until the morning of the ride. I would just pick a few places on route that stirred my curiosity. Since I got off the saddle and stepped into a world that isnt on the TransAmerica Bicycle Route, my transamerica bicycle route map

The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, also known as US Bicycle Route 76, is a crosscountry biking trail that passes through Virginia's Blue Ridge. The 4, 228mile trail is one of two original U. S. Bicycle Routes in the nation and it's broken into 12 sections.

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The Trans America Trail is a dirt route across the USA. It is designed for dual sport and adventure bike motorcycles, but it also works well for 4x4 vehicles, such as Jeeps and SUV's. It consists mostly of dirt roads, logging roads, fire roads, farm roads, unimproved roads, and back paved roads. View Trans America Trail in a larger map.

However, it takes a lot of nerve and hours of planning when preparing to ride a bicycle on an extended tour. It is a large commitment of time and resources. Therefore, at TransAmerica Cycling, it is understood that prospective participants will have many questions.

The TransAmerica Trail, also called U. S. Bicycle Route 76, was established by the Adventure Cycling Association for the celebration of the U. S. bicentennial in 1976. At that time, the organization was called Bikecentennial, a name many oldtimers still associate with the TransAm Trail.

The Routes Map. We have 100 routes on our worldwide bikepacking routes map. Cick the link to see them plotted or select from the links to the right to filter. Trans America Trail: The End of an Odyssey Inspiration Your Stories Share This. 0. others did. Support us and pass it along

A CLASSIC ROUTE AS OLD AS BIKECENTENNIAL The TransAmerica Trail was established for Adventure Cycling's celebration of the U. S. bicentennial in 1976. At that time, the organization was called Bikecentennial, a name many o

If you've been a cyclist for a long time, you may remember them as BikeCentennial. Here are links to their bicycle maps. TransAmerica bicycle route maps Northern Tier Adventure Cycling's route across the northern United States is the Northern Tier. This route is from Anacortes, Washington to

Select an Adventure Cycling route from the list at the bottom. Click the route in the map to show links to route information pages and to purchase specific maps. The Adventure Cycling Route Network map is for planning purposes only. The Adventure Cycling route overlays are rough; when you zoom into the map, they will not follow the roads exactly.

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