Top 10 travel destinations in south america

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Jul 24, 2012# 5: The Lakes District, Patagonia (Argentina& Chile) Patagonia and the Lakes District is of course a must on our Top 10 South America Travel Destinations. Located in both Chile and Argentina, the Lakes District is the region located just above Patagonia. Lakes and mountains create beautiful vistas for nature enthusiasts.# 3 in Best Places to Visit in Central and South America As the former capital of the Inca empire, Cusco is the choice home base for travelers visiting Machu Picchu. top 10 travel destinations in south america

The Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations in South America Posted: August 22, 2018 by: Tom Carroll 277 0 0 From the warm Caribbean Sea hugging Colombias northern coast to the icy Arctic Ocean lapping at the shores of Argentina and Chile, South America is a luxury travelers paradise from top to bottom.

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The largest city in South America, Sao Paulos cuisine and art is as multinational as its diverse population of 10 million. With the restaurants of the Jardins district serving every food imaginable to diners from around the world, you wouldnt be out of place going to Sao Paulo just for the dining.

Lets read about the top 10 travel destinations in South America: SALAR DE UYUNI, BOLIVIA. Salar de Uyuni is a salt flat located southwest of Bolivia. It is the largest salt flat in the world covering an area of 10 582 square kilometres and is over 10 meters thick in its centre.

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Top 10 South America Travel Destinations. South America tourism is heating up. Travelers are flocking towards the equator for a glimpse at a stunning patchwork of beautiful landscapes with snowcapped mountains, spectacular jungles, and aweinspiring deserts. Whatever you plan on embarking on an adventure, or taking a more relaxing vacation,

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