Why did america move westward

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Americans moved to the West in the 1800s because people wanted to own their own land and get a fresh start. Expansion also gave them new economic possibilities, suchWhy did Americans move west in the early 1800s? Well, people moved to the Oregon County for fetile land. gold was later discovered in Sutter's Mill in 1848, which led people to California. why did america move westward

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Full Answer. According to manifest destiny, Americans were entitled to land in the west by Godgiven right, an entitlement that was completely harmonious with the American experiment in liberty. However, with the important slave debate compromises of the 19th century, it also became increasingly clear that new territories brought into

Transcontinental telegraph system Imporved communication to the west. The production of railroads helped with the transfer of goods and people to the west. Territorial Reasons. Many Americans believed in the Manifest Destiny and allowed this belief to justify government actions against the Native Americans.

Westward Expansion made Native Americans move to another place thatthey did not like. Several hundred books could be written on this one subject alone, and in fact there have been several hundred

Add comment. 1. Manifest Destiney, white Americans thought it was their right to move west. 2. More Land, the land in the east was getting full so people had a lot less land than if they moved west. 3. Gold Rush, people rushed west to join the Gold Rush in hopes to find gold and become rich.

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Feb 20, 2009 America had, in fact, O'Sullivan argued, been uniquely chosen for the task of expanding Westward, driving out the wilderness and establishing civilization. The Westward expansion of the United States did not, of course, begin with Manifest Destiny.

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