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2019-10-15 07:15

Dinkoists (advocates of Dinkoism), claim that it is the most ancient religion and Dinkan is the only true god. Followers of the godturnedsuperhero rodent, have gone to the extent of claiming that all other religions took shapes from the offshoots of Dinkoism.Dinkoism. Dinkoism ( dnkzm ), or the Dinkoist religion, is a parody religion and a social movement that emerged and evolved on social networks organized by independent welfare groups in the Indian state of Kerala. Although adherents describe Dinkoism as a genuine religion, it is described in media as a parody religion. dinkoism in america

Dinkoism is a mock religion which was started in 2008 by rationalists in Kerala in order hit back at religious intolerance and extremism with an aim to bring rational thought among people.

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Dinkoism is a parody religion created by social activists in Kerala against growing illogical claims and rejection of proven science by religious people.

Dinkoism is a satirical protest aimed at the different religious groups and communities who have taken exception to films and targeted them because their sentiments are hurt.

How popular is Dinkoism outside Kerala? Update Cancel. a d b y W i k i b u y. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Dinkoism, at the moment, is only popular among young malayalees. Since, there are malayaless all over the globe, the glory of Dinkan is known across the world (even though only within the community).

Dinkoism is as the satanic temple is in america. Just to try and level the playing field for atheists all the while maintaining a good sense of humour.

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Aug 21, 2015 One of our recent converts in the US, Amy Watson, describes why she converted to Dinkoism and explains the basic concepts of Dinkoism. Welcome to Dinkoism! Masha Dinka!

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