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President Zachary Taylor resources including biography, election information, military career, trivia, speeches, and more. Zachary Taylor 12th President of the United States Tweet82 rows The most recent former president to die was George H. W. Bush on November 30, 2018. The presidency of William Henry Harrison, who died 31 days after taking office in 1841, was the shortest in American history. 12th president of america

12th President, Zachary Taylor. 13th President, Millard Fillmore. 14th President, Franklin Pierce. 15th President, James Buchanan. All 45 Presidents of the United States Of America 12th President, Zachary Taylor. Nathan. Zachary Taylor was born November 24, 1784 in Barbour, Virginia. His father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Revolutionary War.

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Aug 21, 2018 Margaret Taylor ( ) was an American first lady ( ) and the wife of Zachary Taylor, an American military hero and the 12th president of the United States.

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Zachary Taylor, a general and national hero in the United States Army from the time of the MexicanAmerican War and the War of 1812, was elected the 12th U. S. President, serving from March 1849

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