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There is racism against Color, racism against culture, and racism against nationalitiy, and this types of discrimination might be present in you because of personal experience, nationalism, or even just because you find what they do wierd.Five Different Types Of Racism Explained: . lipsbetweenthehips: . Something About The Subject Makes It Hard To Name by Gloria Yamato (1991) She argues that there are five main types of racism, each equally as detrimental as the next: different types racism america

Racism is a complex issue with a variety of types. Get the facts on different forms of racism from colorism to racial microaggressions.

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Racism is antiGod. The Bible says God created mankind in His image. There is only one mankind. One human race. It doesnt matter what color, what country or what language. All people are the special creation of God. All people bear Gods image. And, therefore, all people possess intrinsic value and dignity. Racism defies the image of God.

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