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The Bering Land Bridge, also known as Beringia, a strait that connects eastern Siberia with western Alaska, has evolutionary and geographic significance. A Geographic Overview of the Bering Strait The Land Bridge Between Eastern Asia and North America. Share Flipboard Email Print Nzeemin CC BYSA 3. 0 via Wikimedia Commons. GeographyWhat was the Bering land bridge? A. a land bridge connecting North America and Asia B. a land bridge connecting North and South America C. an area that became the Great Lakes after the Ice Age D. a migration path across the West Coast of presentday United States asia and north america land bridge

During the last glaciation so much water, in the form of ice, was locked up on land that sea levels dropped considerably.

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Asia was linked to North America by what is called Beringia, or the Bering Straight Land Bridge, about years ago, and at other earlier times. There is a link below to an article on Beringia

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Mar 04, 2014 Genetic evidence supports a theory that ancestors of Native Americans lived for 15, 000 years on the Bering Land Bridge between Asia and North America until the last ice age ended By Scott

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People: People from Asia migrated to North America. Places: Asia and North America were connected by the Bering Land Bridge. Events: The Ice Age lowered the ocean level to allow for migration from Asia to North America.

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