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Top Gear: Series 9, Episode 3 America Special. I love the Top Gear USA special, its the best one in my opinion. Top Gear, Wheeler Dealers episodes and more. All photos used are copyright of their respective owners and will be credited where possible. ArticlesTop Gear: US Special is a fulllength, special edition episode for BBC motoring programme Top Gear, and was first broadcast on BBC Two on 11 February 2007, as part of the 3rd episode of Series 9, with the special repeated in an edited version for UKTV channel Dave. top gear america alabama episode

The one that ended up with gunfire in deepest Alabama. The boys each buy a car for 1, 000 and head south to New Orleans. Any lessons learned about not upsetting the locals? No.

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Top Gear is the bestfunniest show! Typical American rednecks! I like nascar and don't care for gay males too much (lesbians are ok though ), but i wouldn't start throwing rocks and chasing paying customers away expecially with a film crew.

Top Gear Series 9 (2007) The one that ended up with gunfire in deepest Alabama. The boys each buy a car for 1, 000 and head south to New Orleans. And before heading out for another classic

Nov 21, 2013 As the boys (and the film crew) will now admit, this is the scariest challenge they ever faced in the history of the show. Survival Challenge in Alabama : Drive through Alabama with offensive

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Hence neverloved features like Barn Or Bin or the utter tossfest of Top Gear Stuntman. The Time I Almost Got Top Gear's Hosts Murdered In America. sniffpetrol. and driving them through

The ninth series of Top Gear aired during 2007 and consisted of six episodes, beginning on 28 January and concluding on 4 March. The series featured two specials that were broadcast after the series had ended, Top Gear of the Pops on 16 March and the Top Gear: Polar Special on 25 July.

Top Gear Tours Alabama in American Hoopties. There are some places we've been in this country that have actively frightened us. For Read more Read

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Watch Top Gear Season 9, Episode 3 Series 9 Episode 3: In this 'American special Jeremy, James and Richard are on a flydrive holiday with a difference. Instead of hiring a

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