America's got talent act goes wrong

2019-10-15 07:22

Americas Got Talent Trapeze Act Goes Terribly Wrong NBC Last night, many held their breath at the end of a dangerous trapeze act on Americas Got Talent, and now Extra has theAmericas Got Talent Trapeze Act Goes Horribly Wrong Judges Cringe and Gasp July 18, 2018 July 18, 2018 Roz Zurko 602 Views Americas Got Talent saw something go horribly wrong last night during a trapeze act that a couple was performing. america's got talent act goes wrong

Home Dangerous act goes terribly wrong on 'America's Got Talent' Dangerous act goes terribly wrong on 'America's Got Talent' July 19, 2018 by Daphne Buenaflor. 7. A husband and wife trapeze team did a dangerous trick on Americas Got Talent that had gone wrong and almost turned into a deadly accident. On the July

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Jul 18, 2018  Americas Got Talent Trapeze Act Goes Horribly Wrong. A heavy mat helped break her fall, People reported. Mary told the judges the two would like to give the stunt another go, but they were overruled. You nearly broke your neck, Simon Cowell said. Despite the mishap, the pair advanced to the shows live rounds.

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Heartstopping moment America's Got Talent act goes horribly wrong when a contestant fires a flaming arrow into her fianc's THROAT during sword swallowing stunt.

Husband and Wife Duo's Trapeze Stunt Goes Wrong on America's Got Talent. America's Got Talent judges screamed as a contestant fell during a trapeze act. America's Got TalentYoutube.

America's Got Talent Act Goes Wrong: Wife of Acrobatic Duo Falls From Trapeze. Duo Transcend's Mary and Tyce took the stage to perform a trapeze act with the hope of moving on to the live rounds. The duo wowed both the audience and the judges as they performed a number of highflying stunts amid flames. Near the end of the routine, Tyce,

Fiery stunt goes wrong on America's Got Talent A trapeze artist couple gave the audience and hosts of America's Got Talent a true scare when their stunt went wrong. On Tuesday, acrobatic

Americas Got Talent trapeze act goes wrong. Its not the first mishap on the show. July 18 Email the author. Just hearing about a trapeze act gone awry is enough to make the most grounded person nervous. So first things first: Go ahead and watch the video above, because everyone walked away just

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Aug 03, 2016  Things nearly turned deadly Tuesday night on Americas Got Talent. 'America's Got Talent' stunt goes wrong on live TV. By Sean Daly, No one can quite figure out how this act works

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