Baseball still america's pastime

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Apr 26, 2011 America's Pastime: 20 Reasons Why Baseball Will Always Hail over Football. But still, it would be almost a sin to not sing this between the top and bottom half of the seventh inning.Just as America is a proud, diverse country of people, baseball was the first sport to follow the same dynamic. To this day, baseball is played worldwide in countries such as Japan, Cuba, Costa Rica and Mexico. Americas pastime can only be baseball. baseball still america's pastime

10 Reasons Why Baseball Is Still America's True Pastime Getty Images Even though football is much more popular in the country now, baseball is still America's favorite pastime.

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Yet, fans keep coming to baseball games. More importantly, fans still care about the game and hold it to a higher standard than any sport in this country. baseball is still Americas pastime.

Sure, TV ratings suggest otherwise. But that metric ignores other strong indicatorslike local fanbase fervor and enduring cultural relevancethat baseball still matters. In 1960, the great

And baseball in America has forever been called the National Pastime. The term national pastime was first linked to baseball in print long agoas far back as 1856. Thats a couple of centuries ago.

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Mar 10, 2009 That still belongs to baseball. What proves this is what people claim to be its heavy burden: Steroids. Steroid use has proven that baseball is America's Pastime.

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