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Obamas Muslim Friend Announces Political Run Has 1 Chilling Goal For America Sunshine February 17, 2019 6. 9k Views It concerns many in America when we see the huge surge in Muslims getting jobs in positions of power and political leadership roles, and this should concern us all.Michelle Obamas Becoming has sold more than 10 million units worldwide (a number that includes print, digital and audio formats), including 6. 2 million copies in North America in less obama's america 2019

Obama began by noting that Selma is one of those places where this nations destiny was decided: the idea of a just America and a fair America, an inclusive America, and a generous America

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And he doesnt really understand how such an antiObama message resonated with America. Its right there. Ill tell you, these people have the ability to lie to themselves.

This is America, 2019. It is an America in which we rush to judgment before having the facts at hand. And it is an America in which we also function as judge and jury, taking the law into our own

Under Obamas presidency, the United States became the worlds number one hotspot for pedophilia and sex trafficking. Barack Obama let America down in many ways during his time as president, but arguably his most unforgivable failure is the way he exposed our most vulnerable members of society to sex traffickers and predators.

Obama came into office saying he wanted to remake America. I believe that is true. He wanted to remake America to weaken its power throughout the world and to

March 1, 2019. America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun Its opening shots were fired by Barack Obama when he stated, We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United

President Trump has often criticized former President Barack Obama for having a 10foot wall around his house in Washington, D. C. Trump tweeted recently President and Mrs. Obama builthas a ten foot Wall around their D. C. mansioncompound.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is refusing to apologize after a number of recordings surfaced revealing that he had made disparaging remarks about women, the Obamas, and immigrants.

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America First Policies group released an ad Tuesday featuring Obama's chief of border patrol Mark Morgan Democrats to back the border wall. 12 Feb 2019. The Trumpaligned America First Policies group released an ad Tuesday featuring Obamas chief of border patrol Mark Morgan to pressure Rep. Matt Cartwright (DPA) to back full funding of

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