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Central America, Rapkin, 1851 A very decorative original hand colored engraved map of 'Central America' including Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, which was engraved by J. Rapkin, vignettes by H. Winkles& G. R. Mainwaring and published in John Tallis& co. 's The Illustrated Atlas London& New York: c. 1851.Lake Nicaragua Tourism Lake Nicaragua Hotels Lake Nicaragua Bed and Breakfast Lake Nicaragua Vacation Packages Flights to Lake Nicaragua Lake Nicaragua Restaurants Things to Do in Lake Nicaragua Lake Nicaragua Travel Forum Lake Nicaragua Photos Lake Nicaragua Map Lake Nicaragua Travel Guide All Lake Nicaragua Hotels; Near Landmarks lake nicaragua central america map

Pull out a map of Nicaragua and you'll see that Lake Nicaragua seems to take up most of the southwestern corner of the country. With an area of over 3, 000 square miles, it's not only the largest in Nicaragua, but the largest in Central America, and the 19th largest in the world.

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Lake Nicaragua Map and Map of Lake Nicaragua Size Depth History Information Page. Lake Nicaragua (Lago Nicaragua) is about 99 miles (160 km) in length, with a max width of 45 miles This huge body of water, the second largest lake in Latin America behind (Lake Titicaca)

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(Part of the huge Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca, also called the Sweet Sea, the largest lake of Central America). Zopango Natural Island is a small archipelago that includes the main island and two small islets very close by, right next to the Asese Peninsula (refer to map

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