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The Captain And Puerto Ricos Flag The Captain AmericaPuerto Rico pic AND Marvels majestic response. But everybody's ignoring the fact that Puerto Rico is part of America.New Listing Captain America Flag skateboard Sticker Laptop, Car Vinyl Decal New. Brand New. 2. 99. or Best Offer. CAPTAIN AMERICA USA FLAG SHIELD ARMY DESERT BADGE VELCRO BRAND FASTENER PATCH. Brand New. 2002 Captain America TShirt Marvel Comics Big Graphic Puerto Rico Flag Sz XL. PreOwned. 29. 99. Buy It Now puerto rican flag captain america

The use and display of the Puerto Rican flag was outlawed and the only flags permitted to be flown in Puerto Rico were the Spanish flag (1492 to 1898) and the flag of the United States (1898 to 1952). In 1952, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico adopted the 1895 flag design as its official standard.

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the moment you realize Puerto Rico is America The moment you realize that Puerto Rico wasnt even a US Territory (1952) until after Captain America was created (1941). Hes following US Flag Code like a good soldier. That moment when you realize that Puerto Rico was America even before it became part of the United States of America.

The Captain AmericaPuerto Rico pic AND Marvels majestic response. lol One small problem with that argument the Puerto Rican flag was designed in 1898. It was outlawed until 1952 Puerto Rico was forced to fly only Spanish flags until 1898, and then only American flags until 1952.

Why is Captain America wearing the Puerto Rican flag on his chest? Captain America Cover: Captain America by Steve Epting Marvel Comics Poster 61 x 91 cm. Captain America Art Captain America Comic Books Dc Comics Comic Book Characters Comic Character Marvel Characters The Avengers Batwoman Marvel Comic Universe

Design and History of the Official Flag of Puerto Rico ( Bandera de Puerto Rico) This flag was first flown in March 24, 1897, during a revolt in town of Yauco known as the Intentona de Yauco, the second and last revolt against the colonial rule of Spain, led by the proindependence movement.

Puerto Rico already had its flag before the creation of Captain America as prowar (WWII) propaganda. It was just recognized by the United States in 1952, along with its Constitution, when it was obligated by the UN (post WWII) to change Puerto Ricos colonial status by renaming it as ELA (Commonwealth).

First flags used in Puerto RicoEdit. Captain's Ensign of Columbus's Ships. The introduction of a flag in Puerto Rico can be traced to when Christopher Columbus landed on the island's shore and with the flag appointed to him by the Spanish Crown claimed the island,

When you realize the Puerto Rico flag was created in 1952 and Captain America was made in 1941. The Puerto Rican flag is based on Captain America. permalink; embed; save; report; give award; reply; Arlkard SHITPOSTING

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Aug 19, 2013 I created this video to show the puerto rican flag on captain america.

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