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Forensic Anthropologist Uses DNA to Solve RealLife Murder Mysteries in Latin America. Argentinean Mercedes Doretti has successfully identified the remains of hundreds of Central American immigrants who have perished on their dangerous journey north. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.In the continent of Central and South America (Latin America, collectively), the progress in forensic anthropology and archaeology has been described in several brief reviews [1623. Perhaps the most comprehensive and the only book on this subject has been written by Rodriguez [24. forensic anthropology in latin america

In a review of biological anthropology in Colombia and Latin America, one can see that the forensic branch is in its infancy. Yet Colombian anthropologists have also been showing considerable research activities in getting forensic anthropology to be an integral part

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We are a nongovernmental, nonprofit, scientific organization that applies forensic sciences mainly forensic anthropology and archaeology to the investigation of

Anthropologist from the National University of Colombia, Specialist in Forensic Anthropology, Specialist in Criminal Investigation, Master in Physical and Forensic Anthropology and Doctor in Human Evolution, Physical Anthropology and Forensic Anthropology by the

latin america, Spain, portugal, and the US, and working mainly in anthropology, archaeology, and genetics, but also from other forensic disciplinesas well as others interested in latin american forensic anthropology. participants present

Although forensic research has been undertaken in the fields of forensic entomology [55, 56, anthropology [57 and osteology [58 in Latin America, there has been limited geophysical research to

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Latin America needs more academic training opportunities in forensic anthropology. Currently, there are universitybased masters programs in Peru (Pontificia Universidad Catolica) and Colombia (La Universidad Nacional). The most developed programs for academic study in forensic anthropology are in the US and Europe.

The Latin American Association of Forensic Anthropology (ALAF for its acronym in Spanish) is a nonprofit civil association that seeks to establish ethical and professional criteria for the practice of Forensic Anthropology, to promote the official use of Anthropology and Forensic Archeology in judicial investigations in Latin America, to promote

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