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The psychological effects of hate crime victimization based on sexual orientation bias: Ten case studies. Monique Noelle, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Abstract. Quantitative studies have shown that antibisexual, gay, and lesbian (BGL) hate crimes have greater psychological impact on BGL victims than do nonhatemotivated crimes of similar severity (Herek, Gillis, & Cogan, 1999I hate this country and I hate all of the people in it. Destroying America will be the culmination of my lifes work. George Soros. What Soros actually said in his 2009 interview psy interview about hating america

Psychological Effects of Hate Crime Individual Experience and Impact on Community Latvian Centre for Human Rights reviews some literature concerning the psychological impact of hate crimes on victims America, Canada, and the United Kingdom, this report presents an account of the Latvian

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Dec 07, 2012 According to the Hollywood Reporter, however, this isn't the first time Psy expressed antiAmerican sentiments.

Dec 07, 2012 Is this the end of Gangnam Style mania?

'Democracy' and 'Freedom' have nothing to do with the hate felt by some Koreans toward the US. South Korea is a democracy and there are still many people who resent US military presence. Even mainstream pop stars like Psy are known for wishing death upon Americans in public performances.

In an insult to Americas troops and their families, In an interview after the show, PSY said Obama only talked with him about how his family is embarrassed when he dances Gangnam Style. PSY apparently offered no apology to Obama, nor did Obama rebuke him.

Psy& Americahate. The accident was elevated by South Koreas antiAmericans to nearly a war crime and Psy (a graduate of Boston Universitys business school) jumped on the bandwagon. In one performance, he smashed a model of a USmade Bradley Fighting Vehicle on stage. Two years later, he reprised a metal number,

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In one foul swoop, Psy may go from being the most adored entertainer of 2012 to the most hated. Psy'a antiAmerican past has surfaced, and with it, some questions about the star's future.

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