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Germany's Declaration of War Against the United States. Hitler's Reichstag Speech of December 11, 1941. It has often been said that Hitler's greatest mistakes were his decisions to go to war against the Soviet Union and the United States.Nov 23, 2015  1933 Hitler s First Speech to the Reichstag as Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler at the Siemens Dynamo factory in Berlin, Germany. He gives a speech HD Stock Footage Berlin berlin reichstag speech

Reichstag Speech. Hitler speaks before the Reichstag (German Parliament) Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv. The peoples [of the earth will soon realize that Germany under National Socialism does not desire the enmity of other peoples. I want once again to be a prophet.

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The Reichstag (German: Reichstagsgebude pronounced [astaksgbd; officially: Deutscher Bundestag Plenarbereich Reichstagsgebude pronounced [ dt bndstak plenarbra astaksgbd) is a historic edifice in Berlin, Germany, constructed to

BERLIN, REICHSTAG. The German share of the booty alone, according to the estimates at present available, amounts to more than half a million rifles, far more than 1, 000 guns, many thousand machineguns and antiaircraft machineguns, vehicles, and large amounts of ammunition. . . .

Adolf Hitler Great speech to the Reichstag. In the battle with Yugoslavia and Greece, or with the British in Greece, the German Army and the armed SS troops lost 57 officers and 1, 042 noncommissioned officers killed, 181 officers and 3, 571 NCO's and men wounded; and

Berling, Reichstag. SPEECH OF JANUARY 30, 1937. MEN! Deputies of the German Reichstag! The Reichstag has met today on a day momentous for the German people. The estimate of our need for protection is decided exclusively in Berlin. A general recognition of these principles would contribute to a lessening of the tension. Germany is happy to

Adolf Hitler Speech to the Reichstag Berlin, January 30, 1937. Men! Deputies of the German Reichstag! T he Reichstag has been convened today, on an important day for the German Volk. Four years have passed since that moment marking the beginning of the great inner cataclysm and reorganization Germany has experienced, four

Berlin, March 23, 1933. Criticism is beneficial and necessary. Never in the history of the German Reichstag, however, has control over public affairs vested in the elected representatives of the people been eliminated to the extent to which this is now the case and will be

Adolf Hitler's speech to the German Reichstag, Berlin September 1, 1939 is the famous speech given by Hitler in which war is declared on Poland. Poland had already started war against Germany

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Speeches. 16 November 1928 Berlin On 28 September 1928, following the poor performance of the Nazis in the 20 May 1928 general election, the Prussian government lifted its speaking ban on Hitler. This was Hitlers first speech in the Berlin Sportpalast (Germany's largest venue) which was packed to

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