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The Fur Trade. The fur trade was one of the earliest and most important industries in North America. The fur trading industry played a major role in the development of the United States and Canada for more than 300 years. The fur trade began in the 1500's as an exchange between Indians and Europeans.Native American involvement in the fur trade were for European goods such as jewelry, mirrors, cosmetics, clothing, blankets, Thomas Elliot. The Fur Trade in Colonial New York. Madison, Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1974. Beavers and the Fur Trade colonial fur trade america

About Us. The Museum of the Fur Trade, standing on the site of the James Bordeauxs trading post that was established for the American Fur Company in 1837, began as a plan at the time, only a dream in the minds of its founders. A half of a century later, it has become an institution whose collections and research are known and respected worldwide.

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The Colonial Fur Trade. The fur trade in the New World it is said started back in the 16th century. If you arrived in the New World without a trade, short of labouring, getting into the fur trade may have been you're easiest option.

Fur Trade Area Hudson Bay Blankets Alexander Mackenzie. Native American Indians were the major source of beaver pelts and buffalo hides, for the Canadian, Great Lakes, and upper Missouri River fur trade from the late 17th to the early 19th century. During most of this period, Native Americans used nets, snares, deadfalls, clubs, etc.

The fur trade was based on pelts destined either for the luxury clothing market or for the felting industries, of which hatting was the most important. This was a transatlantic trade. The animals were trapped and exchanged for goods in North America, and the pelts were transported to Europe for processing and final sale.

The 19thcentury North American fur trade, when the industry was at its peak of economic importance, involved the development of elaborate trade networks. The fur trade became one of the main economic ventures in North America attracting competition among

Mar 14, 2019 Fur trade, colonial era, flintlocks, early percussion era items and gear, drawings and sketches to inspire reenactors. See more ideas about Fur trade, American frontier and Colonial America.

Indian fur traders had beaver, mink, otter pelts to trade with the early french traders. Fur trading is one of the earliest known industries in North America allowing for fur traders to be the earliest of entrepreneurs. In the 1500s when French explorers arrived in the area that is now eastern Canada, fur trading became a large business.

The fur trade in North America began in the early 1600s and eventually came to be a huge part of the colonial economy for three reasons: There was an almost limitless supply of furs and hides in North America.

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